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The Soundhouse Tapes

The Soundhouse Tapes was recorded and released in late 1979, and featured three songs recorded by the band. The tracks were recorded in early 1979. The band originally recorded four songs but only three were released, they recorded it as a demo to take around to various record labels, to try to get a contract. After getting a contract they released the 5000 copies of the demo on there own label (Rock Hard Records). The demos have been never been re-released, and copies of the ep now change hands at prices ranging up 350. The forth song that was recorded has never been released.

Album Details

Title The Soundhouse Tapes
Released 1979
Format 7"
Catalog number Rock Hard 1 (UK, 5000 copies)
Line up
  • Paul Di'anno - Vocals
  • Steve Harris - Bass
  • Dave Murray - Guitar
  • Doug Sampson - Drums
  • Iron Maiden
  • Invasion
  • Prowler

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