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Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage was recorded in 1969 - 1970 and would have been released at some point in early 1970, the only reason it was not finished or released is because Gemini records, the bands record label went bankrupt, and all copies of the albums tracks were lost, it is not known how many tracks were lost but is known that one of the albums centre tracks, a long track entitled Monoliths, is one of the now lost tracks.
When Audio Archives approached the band members in 1998 with the possibility of releasing a version, of the album, contacted former bassist, Barry Skeels, who owned the only recordings inexistence, unfortunately he did not have copies of all the album tracks but he had copies of most of them, so the album was released on aacd28 featuring all the existing album demo tracks, the A-side, and B-side from the Falling single, and the two demos The Ballard of Martha Kent and God Of Darkness.

Track Listing

Ned Kelly
CC Ryder
The Ballard Of Martha Kent
God Of Darkness


Steve Drewett - Vocals
Trevor Thoms - Guitar
Barry Skeels - Bass
Paul Reynolds - Drums (Tracks 3 - 8)
Steve Chapman - Drums (Tracks 1- 2)


Falling - Recorded in 1970
Ned Kelly -  Recorded in 1970
Liar -  Recorded in 1969
Ritual -  Recorded in 1969
CC Ryder -  Recorded in 1969
Plague -  Recorded in 1969
The Ballard Of Martha Kent -  Recorded in 1968
God Of Darkness -  Recorded in 1968