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falling was released in 1970 as a single on Gemini Records, up until the audio archives release of the maiden Voyage album in 1998, this remained the only material officially released by the band, it was released a few weeks before the label went bankrupt, it was a heavily advertised single simply because the A-side was at that point the longest single ever released clocking in at nearly seven minutes. the single did very well in Australia where the B-side Ned Kelly featured, as the A-side and Falling featured as the B-side. Falling in my opinion is the best track recorded by Iron Maiden, at least with what still exists today, it features some excellent guitar soloing by Trevor Thoms, as a well as some superb drum work from Steve Chapman, it also, features some excellent bass work from Barry Skeels and the best vocals Steve Drewett ever recorded. when Audio Archives released the Maiden Voyage album in 1998 both tracks form this single featured on the album.

Track Listing

Ned Kelly


Steve Drewett - Vocals
Trevor Thoms - Guitar
Barry Skeels - Bass
Steve Chapman - Drums