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Band Biography

Emanating from the mid 70's Punk ridden East End of London, IRON MAIDEN challenged the New Wave by delivering highly charged, no compromise Heavy Metal. Within a few short years IRON MAIDEN had eclipsed all others to gain the undisputed title of the biggest British Heavy Metal band. IRON MAIDEN would reign unchallenged until an unwelcome change of frontman in the mid 90's.

Formed by bassist Steve Harris and taking their name from a spiked coffin torture device IRON MAIDEN underwent many personnel changes from their initial 1975 line-up. Harris started out as part of INFLUENCE, a band that soon adopted the title of GYPSY'S KISS in time for their debut gig in 1972 performed by the band line-up comprising of vocalist Bob Verschoyle, guitarist Dave Smith, bassist Harris and drummer Paul Sears.

In the main, GYPSY'S KISS gigs were centred around the London pub circuit and the band featured many covers in their set from the likes of DEEP PURPLE and FREE.

After a handful of gigs Harris joined Boogie merchants SMILER joining vocalist Dennis Wilcock, guitarists Mick and Tony Clee and drummer Doug Sampson. Harris departed in 1975 to form IRON MAIDEN roping in vocalist Paul Mario Day, guitarists Terry Rance and Dave Sullivan and drummer Ron 'Rebel' Matthews.

Paul Mario Day was soon ousted in favour of ex SMILER and WARLOCK vocalist Dennis Wilcock who added lurid stage theatrics, such as garish make-up and blood spurting to the act. Rance and Sullivan also lost their positions to guitarists Dave Murray (previously with EVIL WAY) and Bob 'Angelo' Sawyer. Mario Day later fronted MORE and the SWEET.

A matter of months passed before Sawyer was out and Murray's initial tenure was also short-lived as within six months he had joined URCHIN and IRON MAIDEN became a single guitar band recruiting ex HOOKER musician Terry Wapram and also adding keyboardist Tony Moor. However, Ron Matthews left, later turning up in TORMÉ for a live album in 1994 and much later in 1999 as part of ATOMIC ROOSTER.

In his stead came Barry Purkis. IRON MAIDEN's new drummer had a heritage with numerous acts dating back to INOMINE PATRIS in 1972 but this revised line-up only completed one gig.

With both Moore and Wapram leaving for pastures new, Dave Murray was enticed back from URCHIN, although the line-up ructions were far from over as Wilcock quit followed by Purkis. The latter adopted the stage name of THUNDERSTICK and joined Blues Rock orientated competitors SAMSON, whilst Wilcock united with ex IRON MAIDEN guitarist Terry Wapram to form VI.

IRON MAIDEN was re-assembled during 1978 bringing in ex-SMILER drummer Doug Sampson and adding former BIRD OF PREY vocalist PAUL DIANNO for a stable group that throughout 1979 employed a variety of second guitarists. Included were Paul Cairns, Paul Todd and Tony Parsons, although the main quartet were the men who cut the legendary 'Soundhouse Tapes' EP which sold well through mail order and at live gigs.

Live shows at this point included a debut headliner at London's Marquee club plus a valuable support to MOTÖRHEAD. Interest was such that IRON MAIDEN began what was to be a lengthy relationship with EMI Records when the band, with Parsons at this point, scored two tracks on the 1979 NWOBHM compilation album 'Metal For Muthas'.

EMI signed the band in December of 1979 following a further batch of sold out Marquee headliners, having by now enjoyed being championed by 'Sounds' and London based Rock Club DJ Neil Kay. However, in early 1980 Parsons was asked to leave and in came Dennis Stratton. And a further change came when Sampson left to be replaced by ex-SAMSON drummer Clive Burr.

Stratton pre IRON MAIDEN had been involved with UNITED. This 1978 act, fronted by Stratton, featured the veteran Andy Pyle on bass (of THE KINKS, SAVOY BROWN, ALVIN LEE and JUICY LUCY), John Gosling on keyboards (THE KINKS) and drummer Ron Berg (SAVOY BROWN). When Stratton quit to join IRON MAIDEN Pyle, Berg and Gosling stuck together to create NETWORK.

Previous to UNITED Stratton was also playing the London clubs with REMUS DOWN BOULEVARD. The band included two live tracks on the 1978 album 'Live- A Week At The Bridge E16'.

IRON MAIDEN began their live action for the year by headlining the 'Metal For Muthas' tour, which comprised of a bill featuring PRAYING MANTIS among others. Their 'Running Free' debut single charted and IRON MAIDEN entered the history books by becoming the first band to perform live on 'Top Of The Pops' since THE WHO in 1973.

March 1980 IRON MAIDEN opened for JUDAS PRIEST's British tour. Opinion was divided as to whether IRON MAIDEN were merely JUDAS PRIEST copyists or bona fide contenders, both Di'Anno and Murray in particular seemingly emulating their counterparts (Rob Halford and KK Downing) in the headline band in their choice of stage gear. However, enough fans were impressed to launch the debut IRON MAIDEN album, released in April, to number 4 in the British charts. American editions of the album came with an extra track 'Sanctuary'.

Flushed with success the band undertook a well attended 42 date headline British tour and IRON MAIDEN also put in a scorching performance at the annual Reading Rock Festival headlined by UFO before setting off on a tour of Europe opening for KISS.

With little knowledge of IRON MAIDEN's turbulent past, it came as something of a surprise to many fans when the announcement came that Dennis Stratton had quit upon the KISS tour's completion and was replaced by ex URCHIN and BROADWAY BRATS guitarist Adrian Smith, but it didn't stop the crowds from filling out a British headline tour and sending another single. In a rare excursion for the band they had covered 'Women In Uniform', a track from the legendary Australian band SKYHOOKS.

'Women In Uniform' was also the sole studio track on the Japanese import 'Live!! + One' EP, the three live tracks ('Sanctuary', 'Phantom Of The Opera' and 'Drifter') having been recorded at a London Marquee show in July 1980.
With second album 'Killers', issued in February 1981, IRON MAIDEN succeeded in grinding through a mammoth world tour, kicking off with a British headline tour supported by French veterans TRUST. Further dates that took most of the year that included headline dates in Japan and an American tour supporting JUDAS PRIEST once more. Yet again, American editions came complete with an extra track in 'Twilight Zone'.

MAIDEN finished off their American tour by playing dates with WHITESNAKE, HUMBLE PIE and UFO and returned to Europe to perform festival dates alongside KANSAS, BLUE OYSTER CULT and MOTÖRHEAD. Needless to say, such incessant touring had made 'Killers' a gold album in Britain, France and Japan.

On the peak of success fans were rightly stunned when PAUL DIANNO announced he was quitting, apparently due to the strains of touring and rumours quickly began circulating as to the identity of his replacement. Indeed word alleged that IRON MAIDEN had secretly been auditioning singers whilst on tour in the America!

Still, the smart money was on SAMSON vocalist Bruce 'Bruce' Dickinson and, indeed, the man was announced as IRON MAIDEN's new vocalist shortly after SAMSON appeared at the Reading Rock Festival and BRUCE DICKINSON promptly made his live debut with IRON MAIDEN in Bologna during early 1982.

Dianno meantime created LONEWOLF then DIANNO for a far mellower outing than fans really desired. The man would later toughen up considerably over the years with BATTLEZONE and KILLERS but would always remain reliant on IRON MAIDEN material.

IRON MAIDEN's third album, 'Number Of The Beast', released in March 1982 proved a milestone, breaking the band internationally and giving the band numerous hit singles, including their first top ten smash with 'Run To The Hills', in Britain. Due to contractual obligations with his previous management Dickinson was unable to officially assist in the songwriting.

See Iron Maiden at Donnington full size

Another British tour proved enormously successful, as did European dates with openers BLACKFOOT and, yet again, the band supported JUDAS PRIEST in America. Other supports included stints with the SCORPIONS, .38 SPECIAL and RAINBOW. The world tour was rounded off by Australian and Japanese dates.

Prior to the recording of the group's fourth album, 1983's 'Piece Of Mind', drummer Clive Burr was replaced by former PAT TRAVERS and TRUST man Nicko McBrain. Ironically, after a brief spell with ALCATRAZ, Burr joined TRUST for a short-lived stay before forming the more melodically inclined STRATUS and PRAYING MANTIS. McBrain had earlier in his career been a member of AXE, an outfit that included now noted producer and CHARLIE guitarist Terry Thomas, and also appears on albums by STREETWALKER and STRETCH. Just prior to joining up with MAIDEN McBrain had been involved with INFORMER, a band comprising of erstwhile STALLION vocalist John Elstar, ex SIDEWINDER / STALLION guitarist STUART SMITH and WHITESNAKE/BLACK SABBATH bassist Neil Murray.

Following the album's release IRON MAIDEN launched into the by now obligatory, mammoth world tour preceded by 'Piece Of Mind' entering the American Billboard charts at number 127. The American tour started off with support acts FASTWAY and SAXON with Canadians CONEY HATCH (a particular favourite of Steve Harris) later replacing SAXON. Later guests were QUIET RIOT.

In the latter part of 1983 the quintet travelled to Europe, where MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP opened, before appearing at one of the biggest Heavy Metal festivals ever. A TV special in Dortmund as part of the 'Rock Pop' televised concert series, the awesome bill also included SCORPIONS, JUDAS PRIEST, KROUS, DEF LEPPARD, OZZY OSBOURNE, QUIET RIOT and MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP over two days.

IRON MAIDEN launched their brand new album, the Ancient Egyptian flavoured in 1984 and the ensuing world tour saw the quintet performing their first dates in Poland during the autumn of 1984. In 1985, the band performed a set of seven sold out shows at the prestigious New York Radio City Music Hall venue with support act QUEENSRYCHE. Further American supports were handled by W.A.S.P., TWISTED SISTER and ACCEPT.

The 'World Slavery' tour caught IRON MAIDEN delivering the decibels to 26 countries over 200 shows and spawned a hit live video and album 'Live After Death'.

During 1986 the band were ready to try a more creative approach and, after recording in the Bahamas, Amsterdam and New York, released the Sci-Fi inspired 'Somewhere In Time' album heavily tinged with keyboard guitar workouts. Although the album was an undoubted success the band have leaned towards the starker, stripped down Metal sounds of yore on successive albums, often recording at Harris's home studio.

IRON MAIDEN's 1988 album 'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son' came the closest the band ever came to producing a full blown concept album. The band was well known for overblown epics, but this time the theme held together an entire album.

The inevitable world tour shyed away from the systematic city by city tour schedule and IRON MAIDEN blitzed their way through America and Europe by hopping from one major festival to another. The schedule's highlight was IRON MAIDEN headlining the "Monsters Of Rock' festival above KISS (IRON MAIDEN being the only band KISS has ever agreed to play beneath since 1974!), DAVID LEE ROTH, MEGADETH, GUNS N'ROSES and HELLOWEEN to a record breaking crowd of over 100, 000. Further dates in Europe led to an arena tour of Britain.

1989 proved a quiet year for the band but an extremely busy time for it's individual members. Both Smith and Dickinson released solo albums. Predictably, BRUCE DICKINSON scored major chart success' with both his album, 'Tattooed Millionaire', and a batch of hit singles. Smith meanwhile found the going tough with his more AOR influenced project A.S.A.P.
IRON MAIDEN reassembled early in 1990 to record 'No Prayer For The Dying'. For the first time in seven years the band line-up changed, with Smith departing to concentrate on solo work. Ex-GILLAN and WHITE SPIRIT guitarist Janick Gers, who had toured with Dickinson as part of his solo band, soon landed the job.

Yet again the new album, debuting at number 2 in the British charts, paved the way for a mammoth global tour. Opening with a low key club gig at Milton Keynes the tour, a more stripped down back to basics affair, sped through America before it was brought to an unforeseen close by the eruption of the Gulf war making planned dates in Australia and Japan unfeasible.

During 1990 Murray toyed with the idea of creating a solo project with American guitarist Nancy Chandler. Songs credited to Murray would turn up on Chandler's 1993 album by the band CHEYENNE.

Steve Harris paid homage to two of his influences by covering the STRAY track 'All In Your Mind' and GOLDEN EARRING's 'Kill Me Ce Soir' as the B side to the 'Holy Smoke' single. Christmas of that year saw IRON MAIDEN leap into the record books when their latest single, 'Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter' became the first Heavy Metal song to go straight into the British singles charts at number 1. Unbelievably, Radio One refused to playlist the single, much to the band's indignation!

'Fear Of The Dark' album heralded another change for the band as, for the first time, sleeve artist Derek Riggs was not used. In came noted sci-fi artist Melvyn Grant who lent the album cover a more up to date feel. Once more IRON MAIDEN reached the British number 1 position in the album charts.

In mid 1991 IRON MAIDEN performed headlining dates in America with support act ANTHRAX and also headlined the Roskilde festival in Denmark appearing on a bill with WINGER, PRIMUS and THE ALMIGHTY.

Throughout the tour rumours flew of BRUCE DICKINSON's discontent within the band. The vocalist had been strenuously pursuing his solo career as well as his new found additional career as a novelist.

IRON MAIDEN performed their final gig with Dickinson at Pinewood Studios in front of an audience of lucky members of the band's fan club. This turned out to be no ordinary gig either, as magician Simon Drake, noted for his gory stunts, put paid to members of the band prior to the finale of Dickinson being ritually slain by Drake at the end of the televised show.
With BRUCE DICKINSON having embarked on the solo trail IRON MAIDEN fans faced uncertain times. Many rumours followed that HELLOWEEN vocalist MICHAEL KISKE had got the job and it was known that erstwhile LA PAZ, MIDNIGHT BLUE and PRAYING MANTIS singer Doogie White had been asked back to audition twice. In the end though, and much to fans amazement, IRON MAIDEN recruited ex WOLFSBANE vocalist Blaze Bayley in 1994. However, recording for the band's tenth studio album was slightly delayed when Bayley seriously injured his knee in a motorbike accident. During this enforced lay-off Nicko McBrain took time out to gig with pub rockers the PHIL HILBORNE BAND during 1994.

Although IRON MAIDEN lost their deal with EMI in America during 1995 (although they remained signed to the London office) the new record, the first to feature Bayley, entitled 'The X Factor' was widely acknowledged as being a radical step for many IRON MAIDEN fans to follow. Bayley's vocals came in for some vicious criticism and swathes of hardcore fans lost faith. Rather interestingly the 'Lord Of The Flies' single featured a cover of UFO's 'Doctor Doctor' as a B-side.

Still, IRON MAIDEN toured heavily throughout the end of 1995 including dates in such far flung places as Israel and South Africa, although a planned Beirut show was cancelled by the authorities who insisted the show was likely to incite riots.

IRON MAIDEN's British and European shows saw Doom Metal act MY DYING BRIDE supporting as Steve Harris and Co were also able to perform a full blown tour of the former eastern bloc territories, embracing Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Rumania.

In early 1996 the group opted to play a one off club show at Nottingham's Rock City venue, a date that saw PSYCHO MOTEL, the latest band featuring Adrian Smith, supporting.

A mammoth 'Best Of The Beast' compilation arrived in September of 1996, the most impressive variant being a gargantuan quadruple vinyl set complete with lavish gatefold artwork and a limited edition book. A single, 'Virus', would accompany the album, various B sides of which offered fans a chance to hear archive IRON MAIDEN recordings of 'Sanctuary' and 'Wrathchild' from the 'Metal For Muthas' compilation and 'Prowler' and 'Invasion' lifted from 'The Soundhouse Tapes'.

Throughout 1997 IRON MAIDEN kept a low profile as they worked on a brand new album for release in 1998, although Harris did announce plans for his own record label, Beast Records. Steve's first signings were DIRTY DEEDS, the London based group fronted by ex CHARIOT main man Pete Franklin.

IRON MAIDEN set out on tour once again during 1998 although attendance wise their star was definitely waning, the band's loyal audience drifting away in obvious dissatisfaction at Bayley's abilities. South American shows had the band playing to capacity arena crowds though but with the political situation between Chile and Britain aggravated by the General Pinochet affair IRON MAIDEN wisely pulled out of shows there, ANTHRAX taking their stead. Meanwhile BRUCE DICKINSON's album 'Chemical Wedding' and tour was going great guns.

By early 1999 press speculation and the wish of the band's fans to see the band back in the top league finally won the day as Bayley was ousted by a returning BRUCE DICKINSON. Adrian Smith also rejoined making IRON MAIDEN an unexpected if welcome three guitar assault! Bayley would later make a return with his new Metal act BLAZE and the resulting 'Silicon Messiah' album still retaining management links with the Sanctuary stable.

The rejuvenated IRON MAIDEN wowed America with a sold out 17 date tour before taking on European venues. Meantime a whole slew of tribute albums arrived in the stores such as Swedish efforts 'Made In Tribute' and 'Maiden Scandinavia', the American Meteor City 'Slave To The Power' release as well as PAUL DIANNO cropping up on '666 The Number One Beast'.

The subsequent 'Brave New World' album (internet reports of an album title of 'Majesty Of Gaia' would be proved false) vindicated the return of Dickinson with a vengeance, this despite tracks such as 'Nomad', 'Dream Of Mirrors' and 'Mercenary' being re-worked versions of tracks originally demoed for the 'Virtual XI' sessions. IRON MAIDEN scored a number 3 album in Germany with the 'Wicker Man' single going top ten in Britain. The album would blaze a trail across the international charts landing at number 7 in their homeland, 39 in the USA and even scoring a number one in the Heavy Metal strongholds both Sweden and Greece. Generally, the European continent's national charts found 'Brave New World' inhabiting the upper reaches, a definitive renewal of fortunes.

A batch of European festival performances were cancelled when Gers sustained injuries after falling offstage in Mannheim. IRON MAIDEN were back in action touring America in the latter half of the year with support from HALFORD and QUEENSRYCHE. Although back in demand and pulling strong crowds IRON MAIDEN's resurgence was marred by the stabbing of four fans at their Los Angeles Verizon wireless Amphitheatre gig.

Quite bizarrely news emerged in 2000 that one of IRON MAIDEN's earliest guitarists Tony Parsons had created an IRON MAIDEN tribute band named METALWORKS 2000 including ex-ALICE COOPER and THE ALMIGHTY guitarist Pete Friezin and ex JUDAS PRIEST drummer Les Binks. Another ex MAIDEN man erstwhile, singer PAUL DIANNO, billed as PAUL DIANNO AND THE BEAST, would also fan the flames in early 2001 issuing a live album comprising entirely of IRON MAIDEN songs.

A more surreal addition to the family came with the emergence of Californian act IRON MAIDENS. A quite unique tribute band being the first all female homage to IRON MAIDEN. The act includes some highly respected players in their own right featuring the PHANTOM BLUE duo of guitarist Josephine and drummer Linda McDonald, PROZACT PRINCESS singer Jenny, ex-BANDIT guitarist Sara and NEW EDEN bassist Melanie Sisneros (a.k.a. "Stephanie Harris").

IRON MAIDEN themselves would bounce back in the expected spectacular style with the mammoth 'Live At The Rock In Rio' album in March of 2002. The same month the band would announce two benefit shows at the Brixton Academy in London in aid of former drummer Clive Burr who had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Demand was such the run was extended to three sold out nights and in a further move the band informed fans that all proceeds from the next single, 'Run To The Hills', would be devoted to the MS fund. The single proved to be eminently collectable in three formats boasting exclusive tracks on each including archive 1982 live tracks featuring Burr on drums. The DVD version of 'Rock In Rio' would top the UK music video charts on it's first week of release. Later in the year IRON MAIDEN would pitch in further to aid the Clive Burr Trust auctioning off a mammoth selection of band rarities including a full Nicko McBrain drum kit, autographed guitars and even an Eddie stage prop from the ‘No Prayer For The Dying’ tour.

As BRUCE DICKINSON unveiled plans for a further solo album and his intention to master the art of flying large passenger aircraft rumours also surfaced that NICKO McBRAIN had recently united with erstwhile ANTHRAX guitarist Dan Spitz for an undisclosed band project. This revelation would come as unexpectedly as Spitz had been out of the Rock n' Roll limelight for many years, becoming a vocal Christian since his departure from the band and devoting himself to gaining qualifications in the art of watchmaking. By late December MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson was also seemingly involved in this venture.

On September 7th a trio of IRON MAIDEN players — drummer Nicko McBrain, guitarist Janick Gers, and vocalist Bruce Dickinson — surprised DEEP PURPLE fans by joining the Rock veterans on stage during their London Hammersmith Apollo gig for a rendition of the classic 'Smoke On The Water'. A further treat came on October 21st when famed American Progressive Metal outfit DREAM THEATER gave priviliged fans at their second night at the London Astoria by performing the entirity of the 'Number Of The Beast' album live. The band, who faithfully represented the album with the exception of a Jazz flavoured 'Gangland', even rigged up a DREAM THEATER logo backdrop executed in the classic Maiden logo script.

November proved of great importance to fans as the band launched the leviathan 3 CD box set ‘Eddies Archives’, a collection of rare live material issued through Columbia Records dating from 1979 tracks right through until the band’s headline show at Castle Donington in 1988. Incorporated would be ‘Friday Rock Show’ sessions from 1979, material pulled from the Reading Festival in 1980 and 1982 plus a compilation of B sides. In keeping with tradition the whole affair was lavishly packaged coming clad in a limited edition silver Eddie embossed casket. Besides the music the collection added an Eddie head shot glass and a family tree on parchment scroll. A further album, ‘Edward The Great’, would be released in North America the same day as ‘Eddie’s Archives’ on 4th November.

The band would spend early 2003 in production of a new studio album 'Dance Of Death' working with producer Kevin Shirley. This outing would mark the band's first studio effort to be mixed in 5.1 surround sound. A mammoth DVD package 'Visions Of The Beast' emerged that July, chronicling over three hours of music and comprising more than 30 promotional videos. IRON MAIDEN would be confirmed as the headline act at the Castle Donington 'Download' festival in June, the only UK date on their 'Give Me Ed … 'Til I'm Dead' world tour. Oddly US band MURDERDOLLS would be confirmed as main support for the entire European leg. US dates commencing in July saw IRON MAIDEN headlining a strong package tour allied with DIO and MOTÖRHEAD. UK gigs had rising Welsh act FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND as support. October European shows saw German act GAMMA RAY acting as openers. However, progress was marred when Bruce Dickinson came down with influenza and severe laryngitis, necessitating the cancellation of shows in Rotterdam, Holland, Wroclaw, Poland and Helsinki in Finland.

When 'Dance Of Death' was delivered to the public the album garnered the by now customary score of top ten global chart positions with no. 1's achieved in Iceland, Sweden, Greece and Italy. In the USA the record debuted at no. 18, selling over 40,000 copies in its first week of sale. Live dates into 2004 saw South American dates in January - visiting Argentina, Brazil and Chile, a further burst of US and Canadian shows with Sweden's rising stars ARCH ENEMY lending support to the British veterans four show run at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom then Japanese gigs in February.

By February IRON MAIDEN had performed to over one and a half million people in 28 countries. In celebration the band issued a special release entitled 'No More Lies: The Dance Of Death Souvenir EP'. This included remixed versions of 'Journeyman' and the epic 'Paschendale' along with live video of the title track. 'Dance Of Death' itself would be given some very special treatment, issued in DVDA format with Hi-definition 24-bit/96 Khz 5.1 surround sound. The upgraded version of the album also added promotional videos for 'Wildest Dreams' and 'Rainmaker'.

Early May found BRUCE DICKINSON providing some noteable sounds on his BBC radio 'Rock Show' programme, guesting on a cover of DEEP PURPLE's 'Black Night' with THERAPY? and on a rendition of BLACK SABBATH's 'Black Sabbath' with FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND. He would also turn his hand to narration, providing the voice for the BBC world service documentaries 'Legends Of Rock'. Later that same month ex-IRON MAIDEN guitarist Dennis Stratton announced a new band formation dubbed THE DENIAL, in union with original JUDAS PRIEST singer AL ATKINS.

NICKO McBRAIN stepped out of IRON MAIDEN activities briefly for a one off show in South Florida to celebrate his 52nd birthday on 5th June. McBrain would unite with members of DEEPSET, Jonathan Murphy on vocals and Rick Baum on guitar, with the BLACK SABBATH, WHITE LION and GREAT WHITE credited Dave 'The Beast' Spitz on bass to perform a set of covers billed as WRATH CHILD. By July this band unit, adding FAILSAFE's Chris Proano on second guitar, had evolved into McBRAIN DAMAGE, booking US shows throughout the Summer.

IRON MAIDEN's Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smith and Nicko McBrain would be included on the special guest roll call for the 'Miller Strat Pack' concert on 24th September at London's Wembley Arena. Held in aid of the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy the concert celebrated 50 years of the famous Fender Stratocaster guitar.

In the absence of a new album, and delays in BRUCE DICKINSON's next solo outing, IRON MAIDEN plugged the gap somewhat with a 'Powerslave' tin lunchbox, a 'Somewhere In Time' 18" action figure with glowing red eyes, motion-activated lights and movement and an official 2005 calendar. Further IRON MAIDEN product would be delivered in October, with 'The History Of IRON MAIDEN - Part 1; The Early Days' DVD. This package comprised the 'Live at The Rainbow' and 'The Beast Over Hammersmith' concert films, seven songs recorded at the 1983 Dortmund 'Rock & Pop' festival, nine tracks captured at The Ruskin Arms in 1980, a previously unreleased 'Live At Donington' shoot, a newly filmed history of the band, 1981 'Top Of The Pops' performances of both 'Women In Uniform' and 'Sanctuary' plus documentary footage from 'Rock & Pop' German television and Granada TV's 'Colourbox'.

On the television front, BRUCE DICKINSON featured as presenter for a documentary 'Flying Heavy Metal', charting the evolution of the passenger aeroplane, and guested on Discovery Home channel's 'Trainspotting'.

IRON MAIDEN announced plans for a huge live campaign throughout the Summer of 2005. A gig at the 51,000 capacity Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg would sell out completely in less than two and a half hours. Another major gig saw the band performing at the 55,000 capacity Parc de Princes Stadium in Paris. The 6th July concert at the 12,000 capacity Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland sold out within 30 minutes of tickets going on sale, the promoters swiftly adding another show for the following day.

IRON MAIDEN issued a special 25th anniversary single of 'The Number Of The Beast' in January of 2005. Various formats, including enhanced CD, a limited 7-Inch coloured vinyl with free poster, and 12-Inch picture disc, carried live recordings from the Clive Burr charity shows at Brixton Academy in March 2002.

So there you have it, the history of IRON MAIDEN for now!!!

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The complete IRON MAIDEN time line, below is a list of every line up and member of IRON MAIDEN right from day one.

1. Paul Mario Day (vocals), Terry Rance (guitar), Dave Sullivan (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), Ron Matthews (drums)

2. Dennis Wilcock (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Bob Sawyer (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), Ron Matthews (drums)

3. Dennis Wilcock (vocals), Terry Wapram (guitar), Terry Moor (keyboards), Steve Harris (bass), Ron Matthews (drums)

4. Dennis Wilcock (vocals), Terry Wapram (guitar), Terry Moor (keyboards), Steve Harris (bass), Barry Purkis (drums)

5. Dennis Wilcock (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Terry Moor (keyboards), Steve Harris (bass), Barry Purkis (drums)

6. Paul Dianno (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Terry Moor (keyboards), Steve Harris (bass), Doug Sampson (drums)

7. Paul Dianno (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Paul Cairns (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), Doug Sampson (drums)

8. Paul Dianno (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Paul Todd (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), Doug Sampson (drums)

9. Paul Dianno (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Tony Parsons (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), Doug Sampson (drums)

10. Paul Dianno (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Dennis Stratton (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), Doug Sampson (drums)

11. Paul Dianno (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Dennis Stratton (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), Clive Burr (drums)

12. Paul Dianno (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Adrian Smith (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), Clive Burr (drums)

13. Paul Dianno (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Adrian Smith (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), Clive Burr (drums)

14. Bruce Dickinson (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Adrian Smith (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), Clive Burr (drums)

15. Bruce Dickinson (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Adrian Smith (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), Nicko McBrain (drums)

16. Bruce Dickinson (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Janick Gers (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), Nicko McBrain (drums)

17. Blaze Bayley (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Janick Gers (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), Nicko McBrain (drums)

18. Bruce Dickinson (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Janick Gers (guitar), Adrian Smith (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), Nicko McBrain (drums)


It is a little known fact that IRON MAIDEN are not the only IRON MAIDEN, in 1966 in Basildon Essex a group formed under the name IRON MAIDEN. after building up a cult following playing there dark and doomy style of Rock very similar to Black Sabbath's first album. In 1969 they went into the studio to record what would have been their first album, the album entitled "Maiden Voyage" was never released due to the fact that the record label (Gemini Records) who signed the band went bankrupt, the band then decided the split and went there separate ways.
In 1998 English reissue label Audio Archives released a re-mastered version of the album from the original master tapes. The album is a classic piece of Sabbath style Doom-metal, and is sadly a forgotten masterpiece, by a forgotten band, who deserve some credit for helping to create Heavy Metal.

The original IRON MAIDEN are

Trevor Thoms - Guitar

Steve Drewett - Vocals

Barry Skeels - Bass

Paul Reynolds - Drums (1966 -1970)

Steve Chapman - Drums (1970)

1966 - 1970

A highly recommended album (If you can get a hold of it, which is unlikely, but I have it, so who cares, ha ha ha)

(Note: the two bands have no connection whatsoever accept for the name)

Please visit my other site type in and click on the top (yellow) Iron Maiden logo, to see my site about this long lost band.


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