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The Ballard of Martha Kent

The Ballard Of Martha Kent was a demo recorded in 1968, by the Thoms, Drewett, Reynolds, Skeels, line-up it was recorded along with the other demo God Of Darkness, the track was not intended to be released as a single, or part of an album, it was simply done as a means of the band having recorded material, to take to record labels that showed an interest, in them. When it was recorded the band was still using it old name "Bum", this and God Of Darkness are the only existing material recorded by the band, before it became IRON MAIDEN in 1969. This and God Of Darkness remained unreleased until 1998 when Audio Archives put out the Maiden Voyage release, which featured both, demos as bonus tracks.

Track Listing

The Ballard Of Martha Kent


Steve Drewett - Vocals
Trevor Thoms - Guitar
Barry Skeels - Bass
Paul Reynolds - Drums