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Maiden Japan

Maiden Japan  was released on the 14th of September 1981 and  saw the last appearance of the bands 3rd vocalist Paul Di'anno who was sacked because of his regular alcohol fuelled fits of violence. It was a four track live ep and was released because the band wanted to release a live album, but the record label said no, after negotiation between the band and the record label (EMI) a compromise was made, and  although the band was not able to release a full live album they were able to release a slightly longer than usual ep. Maiden Japan was the only official live recordings available to buy featuring Paul Di'anno until 2001's Eddie's Archive which contained some tracks, with Di'anno.

Album Details 


Title Maiden Japan
Released 1981
Format 12"
Line up
  • Paul Di'anno - Vocals
  • Steve Harris - Bass
  • Dave Murray - Guitar
  • Adrian Smith - Guitar
  • Clive Burr - Drums
1. Running Free 
2. Remember Tomorrow
3. Killers
4. Innocent Exile 


Note: The album was re-released as part of the First Ten Years Singles Collection box set, on 12" and CD  but apart from that it has never been re-released on its own or remastered, as it is not considered as an actual album.


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